Volvo P1800, S, E and ES (1961 – 1973)

Volvo P1800, S, E and ES (1961 - 1973)
The P1800 was really a extreme departure for Volvo. The conservative producer of reliable, nicely-designed saloons got a stab in the coupe marketplace – and did it very well indeed. It was this product of a project that actually began in 1957 when Volvo wanted a cut of the promising US sportscar market.
And even though Volvo’s very first try, the P1900, only distributed 68 units, the P1800 obtained the ideal start in existence using a normal slot on TV when Roger Moore drove one out of The Saint – something which still energizes require today.
Released in 1960, it created very wise use of the P130 ‘Amazon’ underpinnings. It checked wonderful, but overall performance failed to live up to the allure – which suggested in order to keep consumers pleased, Volvo continually uprated its motor (in parallel with Amazon online marketplace) mechanicals. Publish-1963, the P1800S saw potential increaed to 115bhp, which went up again to 130bhp for your P1800E.
The P1800 was made Swede Per Petterson then used by Frua. Volvo didn’t have the ability so sub-contracted Pushed Stainlesss steel to create the body and Jensen to assemble them, though quality problems saw generation get back to Sweden in 1963.
In 1971, the 1800ES sporting activities real estate was released – and in many ways is the most interesting of most these types. It was cast from the mould in the Dependent Scimitar GTE wih a snapping shots braking system rear and glass hatchback. It had been bold and idiosyncratic. The 1800ES wound up offering adequately, specifically mainly because it got space for four – and their suitcases – and a greatest speed of 115mph. Which managed to get an extremely personal undertaking in early 70s.
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