Vauxhall Cavalier Symbol II (1988 – 1995) used car review

Vauxhall Cavalier Symbol II (1988 - 1995) used car review
Perhaps probably the most profitable fleet car for all time, Vauxhall’s Symbol II Cavalier is difficult to disregard around the secondhand marketplace, if perhaps as a result of quantity of good examples still on the forecourts.
To get fair, it can do make significant amounts of sensation as being a applied acquire. Construction was always very good, the car always done well and repairing and elements keep simple and easy , affordable.
Versions Included:
4-door saloon, 5dr hatchback, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2., 2. turbo, 2.5V6, 1.7 diesel, 1.7 turbo diesel [bottom, Phrase, i, Envoy,L, Li, LS, LS E-Travel, 16v LS, GL, GLi, GLS, 16v GLS, SRi, 16v SRi, 16v GSi, Compact disc, CDX, Diplomat, 4×4 Li,4×4 i, 4×4 GSi, 4×4 Turbo]
The Label II Cavalier was released in October 1988, an all-new design which nevertheless carried over many parts by reviewing the productive predecessor. Vauxhall never stopped boosting it, nevertheless, right up until its substitute from the Vectra at the conclusion of 1995.
Only four-front door saloon or five-doorway hatchback bodystyles had been ever provided and also the first motor series-up included 1.4, 1.6 and 2.-litre petrol engines as well as a 1.7-litre diesel. Shortly after launch, 1.8-litre and 4WD types have been declared with a turbo diesel included in March 1992.
Not very long afterwards, the range was deal with-lifted with a new grille and changes for the back end lighting fixtures which were only really apparent in the more expensive versions. Furthermore, catalysts and side-effect protection beams have been now equipped as regular. Up coming, Vauxhall also decided to in shape anti-secure braking system and driver’s airbags to every model.
In 1993, a 2.5-litre V6 created its debut, the softer option to the newly introduced (but largely unloved) 4WD turbocharged leading. Finally, in 1994, the super-economical 1.6-litre E-Generate models and 16-valve 2.-litre powerplants have been announced. The product range was changed in 1995 from the new Vectra.
The Things You Get
Lots of car for the money. Don’t be worried about those that started out daily life on fleets most will are already well appeared right after and also have done non-stressful motorway a long way.
Things to look for
Acquiring in a reputable main dealership will guarantee the auto you’re taking a look at hasn’t been tampered with – `clocked` to put it differently. Over fifty percent of Cavaliers were actually distributed as company cars and many will have included over about 25,000 kilometers a year. That means you need to have a wholesome suspicion of reduced miles examples. Getting it incorrect could suggest big repair bills way prior to count on them.
Provided you can look for a turbo or even a V6 version, you’ll locate they’re good value (though for turbos in particular, an entire support background is crucial). The non-turbocharged 1.7-litre Opel engined diesels (usually acquired – and thrashed – by fleets) are gradual and customarily unpleasant, in labeled compare with their exceptional Isuzu turbo-run diesel counterparts. Don’t trouble with all the painfully lethargic 1.4-litre petrol variants both.
Attempt to extend to your 1991-12 months model or youthful, if perhaps because strength steering was standard on every variation from then. The manual steering is a bit weighty and helps make metropolitan driving a car a job.
In fact, you ought to think hard before choosing a Cavalier using a fundamental specs. All things considered, there are plenty of close to with electric powered home windows, sunroofs, contra –secure braking and airbags and several specced-up particular editions, also.
Replacement Components
(approx based upon a 1994 Cavalier 1.6) As you might expect, elements are plentiful and comparatively cheap – though they’re not as cheap as you might expect. A clutch assemblage will likely be all around £90 and entrance surprise absorbers about £50 every single, while a whole new catalyst will likely be between £90 and £190. An alternator should be near to £75 along with a radiator £65.
Major and slight solutions costs in the region of £85 and £50 correspondingly.
On the streets
Coming from a dealing with viewpoint, this isn’t a status-of-the-artwork automobile – though that being said, the early GSi 2.-litre versions along with the later V6s had been pretty beneficial. Right at the end, Vauxhall increased stuff across the variety, with increased steering feel, greater directly-series stability and more rewarding chassis answer.
As I’ve stated, disregard the normally aspirated 1.7-litre diesel in favour from the turbocharged unit and low cost 1.4-litre petrol potential. Besides that, you have to be all right. The 1.6, 1.8 and 2.-litre petrol motors have been all willing models as well as the V6 (which ongoing in the present Vectra) is a great engine.
Provided you can manage a later model, chances are they make sense as speedy and thrifty transfer. The cost-effective 2.-litre LS in 1995 spec experienced a 16v 2.0i-litre 136bhp generator competent at relax to 60 in eight secs on the way to 130mph. In the mean time, the 1.6-litre `E-Drive` system, fitted from 1994 on basic models, was able to nearly 60mpg at the stable 56mph.
Not necessarily a bad acquire, if perhaps due to construction, model option and also the utter figures close to. Should you don’t locate exactly what you want novice out, there’ll be another along inside a moment…
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