Used car getting guideline: Ford Capri Mk3

The Mk3 concluded Britain’s very long-operating adore affair together with the Capri like a new auto. We describe what to take into consideration and how a lot to pay for one today
The Experts: TV’s offense-busting duo each drove a Mk3 Capri, during the time one of the UK’s most stolen automobiles
By transferring an individual letter, you form what sounds like the word that for many people best detailed the Capri, a sporty coupé that experienced from 1969 to 1986. Which had been then but, right now, an excellent Capri is really a desirable outdated factor.
It’s the third and closing technology – released in 1978 and known, not surprisingly, as being the Mk3 – that we’re considering here. Generation finished in 1986 nevertheless it had taken until 1989 during the last case in point, a 280 Brooklands, to become registered, which lets you know all you should find out about this fast Ford’s diminishing attraction.
Only if we’d acknowledged then whatever we know now. In 1989, a Brooklands charge around £12,000, these days the most effective go for as much as £40,000. In real life, costs for a good Mk3 start off around £8000 but you will get in a clean 1.3 or 1.6 for £3500. That is ‘tidy’ as with ‘not as rusty as you might imagine’ since there will be corrosion. In which there isn’t any, believe it’s simply because you’re checking out filler.
The Mk3 was nothing more than a rejuvenated Mk2, which actually was very successful. It utilized exactly the same Cortina-produced jogging gear and motors. These ranged from your 1.3 to a 3. V6, the second made available in torquey S develop and breathing through three Weber carbohydrates. Style-smart, probably the most successful tweak was the way the bonnet prolonged slightly across the new quad headlights to provide a much more aggressive look. The automobile was far more aerodynamic, way too, and the strongest types had a subtle back spoiler.
In 1982, the 3. motor was changed by a more clean 2.8 with gasoline injection. Very early versions of the device enjoyed a four-speed gearbox. The Two.8i Particular sprang out having a five-rate ’box plus a minimal-slip diff in 1984. The 1.3 and 1.6 models presented men and women a step up into Capri-property nevertheless it was the two. which was the major vendor. By 1984, the UK was the only land getting the Capri. In 1986, Ford possessed a final toss in the dice together with the Capri 280 Brooklands, in line with the 2.8i Special and concluded in auto racing environmentally friendly. It had been the very last version away from the creation series.
Depending on the motor, you can have your Capri in L, GL, Ghia, Laser or S trims, but today this sort of niceties happen to be elbowed aside by automobile issue. Even mileage isn’t a challenge since, at the length, you’ll be seeking to lift up the top and usually fettle something that moves.
According to what you’re trying to find, the parts scenario is either ok or serious. No less than, in the absence of good metal ones, someone’s generating plastic-type bonnets now. Be careful vehicles with very poor interiors since trim is challenging to provider.
We joke regarding the label nevertheless the Capri is actually a lovable rogue. Just search for corrosion and filler, and don’t shell out over the chances.
How to get one out of your garage
An expert’s perspective
Martin Pawson, founding father of Capri Gear: “I started my company in 1994 busting Capris however nowadays, with prices rising, I spend more time restoring and repairing them. There are tons of terrible, patched-up Capris out there but folks just be enticed by the looks whenever. You can find fakes, as well, such as 3.-litre automobiles with 1.6 Laser beam physique shells. The extras scenario is to get vital, with lots of elements now hard to find or unavailable. Deterioration is the large opponent. The mechanicals are easy to repair. My favourite is surely an early on 2.8i fourspeed – not the Brooklands, mainly because it was tossed jointly.”
Customer beware…
■ Bodywork: The entire body is really a rust snare. Outside and inner wings, tire arches, sills, front door bottoms, chassis side rails, suspensions turrets, hinge brackets and even the gas tank can all decay out spectacularly.
■ Motor: We might go on regarding the way V6s blow their gaskets and will even warp, how 2.-litre Pinto engines endure a put on camshaft, big-ends knock, the exhaust smokes, Ford carbohydrates on bottom versions can be bothersome from cool, the two.8i K-Jetronic system fulfills with rust if unused… but, definitely, just expect the most awful and look every little thing. This consists of the condition of HT qualified prospects, viewing out for mayonnaise sludge throughout the essential oil filler, for heating up troubles caused by a blocked radiator and for leakages from the identical.
■ Gearbox: Maintain an hearing out for crunchy synchros as well as for propshaft rumbles, vibration and whines. A badly worn ’box will bounce away from gear on the overrun.
■ Steering, suspensions: Some Mk3s have become over four decades aged so can be exempt through the MOT examination – a lot more reason to confirm protection-crucial products including springs, dampers, strut leading brackets and monitor manage left arm bushes along with the directing holder.
■ Braking systems: Tired brake hoses, rusty and warped discs and seized calipers are common feasible, specifically if the car has become rarely utilized.
■ Inside: Walk away from anything too tired or used simply because tracking down substitute toned can be difficult.
Also worthy of realizing
The Capri Team ( kingdom) is an excellent starting point your extras search. Tickover ( is yet another therefore is Capri Items (, that may also supply responsibly sourced applied parts. On the internet dealers are another method to obtain used pieces however, many pay very little awareness of ecological rules when breaking up autos.
How much to invest
£1500 -£3999: Project automobiles, including a 2. Laser, and also some 1.3 athletes. Fairly recently, a 1981-reg 1.3 Cameo with 105,000 a long way made £3300 at sale.
£4000-£6000: Mainly 1.6s and two.0s, such as a 1979 2. with MOT, new braking system and generator revamp for £6000.
£6001-£7999: Much more 2.0s, such as a 1985-reg £6500 Laser light. Several auction buys, say for example a 1985-reg 2.8i that created £7400.
£8000-£10,999: 2. and two.8i autos in good shape.
£11,000-£19,999: Low-miles, very low-owner Capris in top condition.
£20,000-£40,000: Mainly concours-quality 2.8i Brooklands.
A single we discovered
Ford Capri 2.8i, 1984/A, 114,000 miles, £8500: Effectively-taken care of 2.8i clearly owned by a degree-headed enthusiast as well as in largely original problem. Plenty of new components, including clutch, entrance tire bearings, management biceps and triceps and braking systems. The inner is at neat situation, also.
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