Tomorrow is National Handbag Day 2019

It’s the 7th Anniversary of our very own holiday

It’s already October and tomorrow we, as handbag lovers, can celebrate our very own day: National Handbag Day. As most of you know, we founded this holiday 7 years ago and since its inception have worked with different brands on really fun and creative ways to celebrate this big day. Every year we turn to you to share pictures of your bags with us on social media (tag @purseblog and use hashtag #NationalHandbagDay so we can see it!) and share content on site around our mutual passion: bags.

Having our own little slice of the internet means all of us, who share a love of designer bags, can come together for a place to connect. It means not feeling singled out for wearing clothes that cost $50 and carrying a bag that cost $5,000. It means we all enjoy the same accessory that helps us not only show our personal style, but also polishes a look. And most of all, it means we can enjoy a community of like-minded designer handbag lovers and spend a bit of our free time escaping the far more serious moments of our life.

So tomorrow, join us in celebrating the big day! We will be sharing content on site and on our Instagram page (follow along!), let’s chat bags in the comment section of the site – I’ll be here to chat! Grab your favorite bag and get it ready to spend the day with you tomorrow!