Second hand car buying guide: Jaguar XJS

Even with a tricky childbirth in the middle of the-70s, this lavish tourer received its spurs among Jag’s most iconic models and is now a reliable used get
Forget about the rust, the peeling veneers and also the occasionally upbeat inquiring prices – the XJS’s greatest problem is, definitely, its successor: the more effective-manufactured, far better-to-travel and-importance XK8.
To solve the debate, let’s take into account the view of 1 XJS owner: “The XJS is like little else on the streets. When you are resting in the vehicle, you really feel like you are traveling a Moves or a Bentley. Its reduced, broad position oozes sportiness, course and design. Damn, I adore my XJS.”
Issue resolved: the XJS it is actually. More specifically, when it comes to the following information, the facelifted coupé and convertible made from 1991 to 1996, the second becoming the year the model’s 21-12 months reign stumbled on a stop. Obviously, beginning in 1991 is usually to dismiss 16 several years of XJS creation, because the version was released in 1975. The 1st 2+2 coupé was operated with a 5.3-litre V12 driving a car the back rims through a handbook or intelligent gearbox. In 1981, the generator took over as the 5.3 HE, featuring combustion compartments that swirled the gas around before ignition for greater productivity.
After which, in 1983, the seeds of the next-technology XJS have been sown with the creation of the 3.6-litre AJ6 directly-six motor mated to a handbook gearbox (an automatic adopted in 1987). Also in 1983, the XJ-SC cabriolet was launched, to become exchanged from the convertible in 1988.
These days, past due-1980s 3.6s and 5.3s rub shoulder muscles with article-1991 vehicles, the most expensive commanding costs well into five numbers. Acquire one should you must but, actually, your hard earned dollars is better lavished on a treasured, article-1991 facelifted XJS and, particularly, a 4. Festivity convertible car.
Article-1991 XJSs are attractive, not least mainly because they use galvanised metallic parts of the body. Even so, only the major body parts that rusted to airborne dirt and dust around the outdated design, like the wings, sills and floorpan, have been galvanised.
Concurrently, Jaguar simplified the body’s design, so decreasing the chance of corrosion to interrupt out. Everything that mentioned, even with these far better-safeguarded vehicles, you should still search for rust from the cabin and boot flooring, the bottoms in the wheel arches as well as the suspension brackets.
Something else that packages the facelifted automobiles apart can be a sleeker appearance, which functions classy wraparound back end lamps and much less stainless and plastic adornments. Also, the model purchased an bigger, 4.-litre edition of the AJ6 engine that powered first the coupé and so the convertible. It’s a details, but the back disc braking system grew to become outboard kinds instead of inboard, tremendously simplifying their servicing.
In 1994, the AJ6 generator obtained coil-on-plug ignition to get the AJ16. It is perhaps the most round and rewarding generator of. Using the result in sight, the XJS Get together 4. was introduced the followingyear with gemstone-changed rims, Jaguar monogrammed chairs and a standard solid wood steering wheel. Prices begin around £9500 for high-milers using a whole assistance background. Purchase before they get any more pricey.
Ways to get one out of your garage area:
An expert’s see, Martin Gliddon, XJS club: “Now ideals of the E-Variety have struck the rooftop, these for XJSs are starting to increase. The most sought-after-after version may be the 4. Festivity convertible car of 1995-96. When buying an XJS, don’t be surprised by a minimal miles because the engine needs to be utilized on a regular basis. It must be smooth, and idle without noticeable movements. It certainly shouldn’t blow any smoke cigarettes when starting up or running. Coolant ought to be azure in color, strength directing substance reddish, engine oils honey and gearbox oil a nice reddy-pink. If they are not one of those, leave. Most underside knocks or rattles normally can be associated with used revocation and radius armbushes. Rust will be the killer.”
Shopper beware…
Motor – Examine situation of cooling supporter rotor blades, hoses, the radiator and the atmosphere-con condenser. A rattle on start off-up might be the the right time chain. Seeking from frosty after 20-30 seconds might be the auxiliary oxygen control device (high-priced). Search for misfires about the V12 by holding a financial institution notice within the exhaust plumbing and watching for unequal fluttering. Also look for essential oil water leaks from your cam cover gaskets and gas strain sensing unit.
TRANSMISSION – Listen closely to the back end diff whining (about £500 to exchange) and fluid water leaks. It can squirt substance on the inboard braking system on pre-1991 automobiles. Sense of smooth automobile gearchanges and analyze the kickdown.
SUSPENSION AND Braking system – Listen for knocks and bangs (put on shocks and bushes). Look into the automobile draws up right under braking brake calipers can seize. The handbrake calipers grab as well.
Physique – Examine jacking things, subframes and crossmembers for rust. Check the doorways haven’t sagged on his or her hinges. On ungalvanised pre-’91 autos, check for corrosion on underside of top wings and entrance doors, bootlid benefit, sills, entrance home window scuttles, rear buttresses and rear windowpane (usually terminal), and rear wheel arches. Examine backside of chrome bumpers for heavy rust.
INTERIOR – Car seatbelt mountings oxidation, headlining sags, h2o ingress wrecks management modules, veneers peel off, and air flow-con flaps and motors stay.
How much to pay:
£1500-£4995 – Selection of joggers and project autos.
£5000-£8995 – Some good submit-1991 coupés and also 1980s 3.6s and 5.3s.
£9000-£11,995 – Far more publish-1991 4.0s with affordable mileages and great records, including Festivities. Also bullishly priced delayed-1980s 3.6s.
£12,000-£14,995 – Reduced-mileage later-1980s 3.6 coupés additionally thoroughly clean post-1991 4. coupés, but also the least expensive late 4. AJ16 and last 5.3-litre convertibles.
£15,000-£16,995 – More delayed 4. and 6.-litre convertibles with highish mileages.
£17,000-ON – Pre-face lift and renewed cases buying and selling on model’s ‘classic’ standing.
1 we found:
JAGUAR XJS 4., 1991, 82K A long way, £5500 – A uncommon demonstration of a good, publish-1991 XJS with out a ‘classic’ superior. Only two past keepers and fully repaired five-years ago with a exclusive owner, who handled from new gas tank to new roof top coating, plus main mechanicals in the middle.
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