Introducing the Edinburgh Based Brand to Watch: Strathberry

Meghan Markle is a fan and more importantly, so are we

I don’t usually have New Year’s resolutions, because honestly I don’t remember the last one that I kept past January 3rd, but I have talked to you (and you to me) about sharing more new designers. 2018 is the year of new bag brands to be discovered and shared. The market is hot with new brands creating designs in the under $1,000 market that feel incredible. One brand I’ve been keeping my eye on over the past year is Strathberry, and today I am sharing more of the bags from this hot British brand.

I first learned of Strathberry over a year ago, the brand reached out and we really loved what we saw. I intended to cover them sooner, but Millie was born and my life got crazy. Life for Strathberry got crazy too, in a good way. The brand became incredibly buzzed about after Meghan Markle was spotted carrying Strathberry and they experienced the ‘Meghan effect’ (though not sure that is as strong as the ‘Kate effect’). After that, Strathberry was struck with one of those good, but still difficult problems to have—keeping it’s bags in stock.

At one point I wasn’t able to get a sample of a bag because the brand was that busy, but recently, they were able to send us an assortment of bags to photograph and see for ourselves, and I can tell you that this brand is all about quality and innovation. Strathberry employs the model of designing a smaller number of bags and offering them in different sizes and colorways. I actually love this setup, because unless you are a massive house like Louis Vuitton, there is no reason to create more bags than anyone can keep track of.

The style recently spotted on Meghan Markle is one of the most popular styles, the Strathberry East/West Mini. On Meghan the bag looks small, on me it looks very mini. I forget how petite Meghan is and I am not petite – I’d call myself average in weight but well above average in height. The tiny bag winds up holding more than I thought it could (picture below of what fits inside comfortably, but I usually keep my phone in my hand or pocket to be honest). I love the simple design—it’s structured, clean, elegant, and features the signature of the brand—the bar closure. On this bag the bar closure is really easy to use to get in and out.

The interior of the East/West Mini features two compartments with one interior pocket. The lining is microfiber, which is light but always feels luxurious and the leather on the exterior is calf. Though the brand is based in Edinburgh, the bags are made in Spain. Dimensions are 7″W x 5″H x 3″ D. The metal chain strap can be used as a single strap with a 21″ drop or a double strap with an 11.5″ drop. This bag retails for $545, though right now it is sold out in almost every variation. The good news is they will be restocking soon and I’ll check with Strathberry to share that info when the new bags drop if you’re interested.

Moving on to the next design—the Tote which is available in Nano, Midi, Regular, and Oversized. We shot the Nano next to the Midi Tote, and the Nano was of course small and I’d call the Midi just right. The bag stands out with the bar closure, though on this bag you need to open and close the bag by sliding the bar over the top handles. It goes over pretty easily (though on the Nano I found the handles get in the way a tiny bit), but I didn’t mind this aspect because to me this bag is refined and elegant. I wouldn’t use this bag as my typical schlep around bag, and because of that, this aspect actually makes me love the bag more versus find it as a problem.

The interior is well made and I really just love how this bag looks. There is a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap on the Totes and I’d say this bag is one of the most British feeling of the bunch. It has a feeling of royalty and obviously the Royal Effect is present in full, because this bag is sold out in many options but should restock soon. Pricing for the Midi is $625, while the Nano is $405 via Strathberry.

I also was able to see the MC Nano which is the sportiest of the bunch. It has a schoolbag feel and I loved the new Chevron multicolor options. Price is $310. Overall, I love what Strathberry is doing. I’ve loved everyone I’ve talked to from the brand and I always get a feeling of excitement to see a newer brand on a positive trajectory.

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