I’m Considering Paying Double the Retail Price to get my Hands on Louis Vuitton’s Onthego

The only location the Onthego really should be going is my closet

When Louis Vuitton released the Monogram Giant Collection, I was instantaneously smitten. I’m a Louis gal by way of and by way of, and this collection has been checking all of the logo-mania boxes. I became specifically obsessed with the Onthego tote bag, and fairly frankly haven’t been in a position to get the dang bag off my thoughts ever considering that. The Onthogo is fairly substantial, measuring L 16.1 x H 13.four x W 7.five inches. You can very easily match a laptop, book, scarf, wallet, sunglasses, and any other belongings you like to carry about with you in a bag of that size. Worried about it becoming super heavy if you load it up with your belongings? Worry not, mainly because the Onthego is created of coated canvas, so it will not get as weighed down as a leather handbag of the very same size would. That is 1 of my favored points about Louis Vuitton, the canvas is so lightweight and low upkeep.

There are a lot of facts about the Onthego that I adore. Most definitely, the giant logo becoming the principal 1. Yet another detail that tends to make a large statement is the contrast of the mini monogram on the handles. Such a compact monogram packs a massive punch, specifically up against the giant oversized mono on the bag! Speaking of handles, this handbag has two sets of them. You can carry it by hand with the mini mono rolled handles, or throw it more than your shoulder with the longer straps for hands-cost-free carrying. Every panel of the handbag is a distinctive colour, so based on the way you carry it, it appears like a distinctive bag. I am wildly obsessed with the khaki green/white/beige/crème combo, but would happily take a reverse monogram (which is not even appearing on the US Louis Vuitton website at this time). Any time I go to add the khaki colour (it also comes in rouge and vert) to my cart, I obtain the dreaded “Call for Availability” message on the website every single single time. I’ve been told it will grow to be obtainable sporadically, but I have not been fortunate adequate to acquire offline but.

When I was in Paris earlier this month, I went to Louis Vuitton every single single day of my trip to attempt to stalk this bag. I went to several areas, in hopes that I would get fortunate when I was there. A tip if you are in Paris and in the marketplace for a new LV, I located the St-Germain place to be the least crowded and have the friendliest sales associates (and I stopped in a handful of instances!). Regardless of several attempts, I was told each and every time that the Onthego was totally sold out in France. I ended up acquiring yet another LV on my final day of the trip, but rather of satiating my want for a new LV, my fixation on owning an Onthego has only intensified.

Considering that acquiring an Onthego in a boutique or on the LV website has been such a challenge, I decided to appear into the resale marketplace, which is a location I shop generally. I’ve been in a position to score premier styles for a fraction of their retail price in the previous, but it is constantly been a handful of years immediately after the height of the bag’s recognition. For the reason that the Onthego is restricted edition and 1 of the hottest bags of Summer season 2019, resale web-sites are capitalizing on that. To acquire from a reliable resale web site, the cost of an Onthego is averaging $four,000. For reference, if you have been to acquire an Onthego straight from Louis Vuitton, it will set you back $two,440 (the cost was raised in June from its original cost of $two,340). As significantly as I want this bag, $four,000 is a pill that I just can’t swallow.

I can not bring myself to get an Onthego for almost double the cost, but I can not look to shake my require for this bag. What’s a girl to do? Give up on my dream of owning this bag or continue stalking the LV website? Are there any bags that you can not let go of?

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