I Can’t Stop Thinking About Buying a Polène Paris Bag

This Parisian brand has me saying oo la la…

I’m no stranger to beautiful bags. As an avid reader of PurseBlog for the entirety of my adult life, nearly all of the brands I purchase handbags from are due to this site. I’m a creature of habit, so I have been known to fall into the pattern of buying from the same brand repeatedly—I’m looking at you, Louis Vuitton. It’s not a habit that I’m proud of and I’m always looking to shop outside of my comfort zone, in fact, I’ve made it a goal of mine. So when PurseBlog features new brands that I haven’t heard of before, I perk up quite a bit. Last August Megs posted about a new Parisian brand named Polène, and I seriously felt my eyes turn into hearts, just like an emoji. The bags featured were just that beautiful!

Megs featured the Numéro Un and Numéro Deux bags in that post, both of which are extremely eye catching…but for me, the Numéro Un stopped me in my tracks. This bag screams Parisian chic, which is probably why I love it so much. I’ve always been obsessed with French style, and Polène delivers on all counts. Parisian style is known for being understated, elegant, and of course timeless, and the Polène aesthetic upholds that legacy. The clean lines exude sophistication, and this is truly a bag that will never go out of style. With such a timeless silhouette it provides an added bonus for anyone who thinks of handbags as an investment like I do.

image via instagram.com/polene_paris

It would be unjust not to mention the amazing price point of this brand.  For between $400 and $420 USD depending on the materials you choose, the Numéro Un can be yours. At that price, it feels like a steal and I could easily see myself paying double, if not triple the price of that for this handbag. When I saw my first photo of a Polène handbag, I expected a premier price point.  I was overjoyed about the price tag since I am all about a bargain, and this brand truly feels like you are getting more than your money’s worth, which is always a pro when I’m looking to purchase a new handbag. There’s no better feeling than falling in love with a bag and then falling even more in love with the price tag, which is exactly happened to me when I discovered this brand last summer.

While the Numéro Un clearly caught my eye, it’s hard to choose just one bag from Polène,  because I truly love every single bag created by this brand. Apparently I’m not alone, many of the styles are sold out on the website. Their bags are created with only the finest materials, so it’s not hard to imagine why so many items are sold out. I spent a good bit of time familiarizing myself with their website, which includes a handy guide of the luxurious materials they use. I am loving the croc embossed leather and suede versions of their handbags. There is no shortage of color options either, as they offer a variety of rich hues on their bags.  Since the price point is so great, I could see myself collecting many bags from the brand—I already want multiple colors and materials offered.

Have you bought a bag from Polène? I’d love to hear about it! I think this brand has the potential to shoot to the top of my favorites list.

Shop Polène Bags Here and discover more via @polene_paris on Instagram.

Shop Polène Bags Here