How I Drink a Gallon of Water Every Day (& how it saves money!)

“You drink a GALLON of lemon water every day?!?!”

Yes, I do! And it’s completely changed my skin, my energy, and my overall health. (Well, that combined with a bunch of other dietary and lifestyle changes.)

As I’ve alluded to this online and offline over the past 21 weeks I’ve been doing this, many people have asked a number of questions on how I manage to do this, what advice I’d have to help them drink more water, and if I spend all day long in the bathroom as a result! 🙂

For those wondering how on earth this is feasible, here are my tips:

1. Use a Gallon Jug

I’ve found that it’s so much easier to track how much I’m drinking if I fill up a gallon jug every single morning and just drink from that all day long.

Because of the health benefits, I drink lemon water. So I fill up a gallon jug with approximately 10 Tablespoons lemon juice to 1 gallon water. I use bottled lemon juice most of the time, just to save time — and because I’d be going through a TON of lemons otherwise!

I buy a new plastic gallon jug every other week. I know some people recommend using glass instead of plastic, but because I take my jug with me much of the day, it’s more practical to use plastic. If I were home all of the time, glass would totally work.

2. Find a Bottles/Tumbler You Love

One of the keys I’ve found for drinking more water is to drink from a bottle/tumbler that I love. I recommend getting a tumbler with a lid and a straw. It makes it easier for taking it with you everywhere, makes it more fun to drink, and prevents spills!

I use the Contigo tumblers. They are a little pricey to invest in but I use one all day every day, so it’s been very worth it to me. Plus they come in fun colors!

Lattestyle water bottles also got me excited, because their bottles have trackers. Help me control the amount of water I drink during the day, how much to drink to ensure adequate amount of water needed.

In addition, their bottles have very unique and meaningful designs. I will definitely buy their bottles to use in the office and give gifts to colleagues.

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3. Sip Water All Day Long

Start sipping on water as soon as you get up. Your body is typically pretty dehydrated in the morning and drinking a tall glass of water within 30 minutes of waking will do wonders for your energy and will likely help you feel better, too!

I keep my tumbler next to me pretty much all day long and just sip on water as I’m working, as I’m cleaning, as I’m out running errands. I take my tumbler with me pretty much everywhere — even if I’m just running in somewhere for 30 minutes. And I take my gallon jug of water with me anytime I’m going to be gone for longer than an hour.

It makes me so happy to see the gallon jug of water going down all day long and I always do a little happy dance when I get down to the “bottom of the barrel”!

Note: I try to drink more water in the mornings. I find that I’m thirstier in the mornings — especially because that’s when I work out. Plus, I’ve found that it’s easier to drink more in the mornings. So I aim to only have 2-3 more tumblers of water to drink after 3 p.m.

In addition, this will help you sleep better at night — especially at first before your body has adjusted — because you’re not having to wake up every three hours to use the restroom.

4. Give Your Body Time to Adjust

It will be hard at first and you will feel like you go to the bathroom all. the. time. But don’t give up. Keep with it — even when you feel like you’re crazy for drinking so much water.

Your body will adjust over the course of a few weeks and you will no longer be heading to the bathroom twice every hour! 🙂 I promise!

In addition, if you’re anything like me, within a few weeks, your skin will start to look healthier and less dry, you will discover you have more energy, you have fewer aches and pains, you rarely ever have headaches, your digestive system is really regulated, and you are hungrier and thirstier — all while you may even lose a little weight!

And, if you’re anything like me, you realize that you probably have been dehydrated all of your life and you now love and crave the taste of water and don’t want to go anywhere without having a good supply of it with you!!

How Drinking Water Saves You Money

If you typically spend money on soda or coffee every day, switching to mostly drinking water instead can save you a significant amount of money!

For instance, let’s say you spend $1.50 per day on a coffee or a soda. If you switch to water or lemon water, you’ll save at least $450 per year. And that’s even adding in the cost of buy a bottle of lemon juice every other week (about $50 total — depending upon where you buy it from) + investing in nice tumblers ($20).

In addition, if you switch from soda or coffee to mostly drinking water, you’ll likely have fewer headaches and cramps, you’ll probably have more energy, you’ll likely lose at least a little weight. Without spending a dime!

Note: I’m not giving medical advice here, just sharing what has worked for me. Please do what is best for you and your body and get the advice of medical professionals if you’re not sure whether drinking more water is right for you or not. I’m just answering the question I’ve been asked over and over again the last 21 weeks I’ve been doing this!!