How Every Corgi Lover Stays Hydrated With This Simple Bottle

First, let me introduce myself and tell you about the problem I’ve been struggling with. My name is Ashley, and I am a proud mom of two kids and a beautiful little Corgi named Muffin. 

Muffin has been my best friend for a long time now, and despite how much I love him, taking care of two kids and a dog can get quite hard sometimes. A little while ago, I noticed my skin has gotten worse, I’ve had trouble concentrating, and I’ve started experiencing this severe pain in my abdominal.

Naturally, I went to see a doctor, and it turned out I had a kidney stone! The underlying problem to my condition was, believe it or not – not drinking enough water!

I have to be honest with you; I didn’t even notice how little water I’ve been drinking. That’s how it is when you are a busy mom, and you want to give as much attention to your kids and your Corgi!

My doctor recommended that I drink at least 64 oz of water every day! Later, I told my friend (another Corgi parent!) about my hectic lifestyle and how difficult it would be for me to keep up with that, and she recommended 64Hydro!

64Hydro Corgi Water Tracker Bottle Review

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Before I even tried it, I fell in love with the packaging! Cute little Corgi on the bottle reminded me so much of Muffin, and I immediately knew that looking at that Corgi would encourage me to keep drinking enough water

The shipping time was a little bit slow right now due to COVID-19, which is quite understandable. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth the wait!

Besides the adorable Corgi, the bottle also features an incredibly helpful tracker. I was so surprised how much it helped me track my water intake meticulously. It’s certainly something I didn’t even know I needed, and now, I cannot live without it!

Truth be told, if it were a regular and straightforward tracker, I wouldn’t pay so much attention to it. But the motivational words and fun design kept me interested, and I wanted to track how much water I’m drinking! 

One more great thing about the Corgi water tracker bottle is the convenient size. It’s 32 oz, and I only need to refill it once a day. It’s more than enough to make sure I drink 64oz that the doctor recommended, and it’s also easy to carry it with me anywhere since it can easily fit in my purse!

I also have to tell you about the fantastic infusion filter! If you don’t like to drink a lot of water, you can always make it more fun by putting lemon, mint leaves, or even strawberries in the bottle and spice up the regular dull taste of water.

I honestly liked everything about this Corgi water bottle tracker. It’s fun and cleverly designed, it’s compact and easy to carry around, and you don’t ever have to worry about any leakage – it merely doesn’t happen. Furthermore, it’s very convenient to open, and you can easily do it with one hand if you’re too busy. 

The only negative thing about this bottle is the price. It cost $29.95 for a 32 oz bottle – which is a little bit high. However with this quality and the exclusive design – I think it’s totally worth it. I’m buying some more for presents, everyone in my family loved it too!

Get This Corgi Butts Bottle Now!

What Happened After Two Months of Using a 64Hydro Water Bottle Tracker

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised about the results after only two months of using a 64Hydro bottle tracker. I managed to reach my daily goal every single day without exception, and after only a couple of weeks, I noticed my skin was looking healthier, I had more energy, and I’ve never felt better.

On top of all that, my kidney stone’s gone! If you’ve ever had a kidney stone, you probably know how difficult it is to get rid of it, so I recommend you try a 64Hydro Bottle!

I also started noticing improvements in the problems I didn’t even know I had! My hair has started to grow a lot faster, it’s very soft to the touch, and it’s shinier than ever. Besides that, I haven’t had a broken nail for two months, which happened to me quite often!


I understand more than anyone how difficult it can be to drink enough water every day. Not following to do so can cause serious health issues, and I’ve experienced it on my skin (literally and figuratively!).

Trying a 64Hydro bottle tracker is such a simple yet highly effective solution. And if you love Corgis, the cute Corgi water bottle tracker will keep you motivated by reminding you of your furry little friend every time you take a sip! Now, whenever I drink water, I think of Muffin, and I immediately feel ten times better!

If you are ready to have clear skin, shiny hair, beautiful nails, and improve your overall health, then the 64Hydro bottles are the ones for you. And if you want a bottle that will remind you of your beloved pet, you undoubtedly need the Corgi bottle! With the Corgi bottle tracker, you won’t have any excuse whatsoever not to drink enough water every day!

Get This Corgi Butts Bottle Now!