Gucci Celebrates Chinese Year of the Mouse with Its Mickey Mouse Collection

Just launched on, this is a Disney collaboration I can get behind

Though many brands have released their own Disney collaborations, few have done so in a way that combines a vintage yet luxurious appeal that gets fashion lovers truly excited. For this reason, some customers find Disney collaborations to look juvenile, however, leave it to Alessandro Michele, creative Director of Gucci, to create the ultimate Mickey Mouse collection. For this Lunar New Year, Gucci celebrates the Year of the Mouse with a specially designed collection featuring none other than the most famous mouse, Mickey Mouse.

There’s a very Gucci-esque campaign to coincide with the launch, shot by photographer and director Harmony Korine and starring actress Ni Ni, actor Earl Cave, and designer/stylist/poet Zoë Bleu. The campaign was shot in Disneyland, California to showcase the collection which includes everything from bags to clothing for both men and women as well as shoes, accessories and jewelry. This collection is expansive, which allows you to dress head to toe in the collection or pick key pieces to be standouts in your wardrobe.

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Let’s talk the bags, shall we? The Mini GG Supreme canvas with Mickey Mouse print is the standout of the group (this is my favorite bag of the entire collection). This version of the GG Supreme canvas has been introduced as a nod to a past House fabric from the 80s. This GG print is more pared down than the typical GG print we see today and is reproduced with high-definition digital printing which sits alongside brown leather. Varying sizes of the iconic Mickey Mouse print adorn the bags, and my favorite is the small Mickey seamlessly intertwined amongst the GG print (I have the phone case in my cart, I’m going to get it, can’t stop me). There’s a really cool version of the Marmont shoulder bag on ivory matelassé leather with multicolor Mickey and Minnie Mouse cartoon prints. This bucket bag features the vintage GG print with one large Mickey Mouse print. For a smaller touch of this collection, opt for this round mini bag. And if you really want to go all out, get the Globe-Trotter suitcase because it’s next level amazing.

Shop the entire Disney x Gucci collection now.