Dior Matte Pre-Fall 2018 Bags are a Super Chic Alternative to Basic Black

It’s back to black for Pre-Fall 2018 and I couldn’t possibly love these bags more

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 5,000 times: I just cannot get enough black. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me, or maybe it’s just that black always looks so, well, chic. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with an all-black outfit, and it’s my foolproof go-to time after time. Naturally, when I got a glimpse of Dior’s Pre-Fall 2018 bags, I couldn’t believe what I saw: beautiful black bags with hardware that wasn’t gold, and not silver either—it was matte black. I was immediately obsessed, and I couldn’t wait to see these bags in person.

My favorite of the two we got our little paws on is The Dior Lady Dior Bag. I’ve always thought of the Lady Dior as delicate and, of course, living up to its name: ladylike. While I get the appeal of a super feminine bag, they aren’t the kind of bags that I typically steer toward. This version of the Lady Dior changed all that for me, and I have to admit that the Lady Dior just went way, way up on my want list.

I don’t really have words for why I love this bag so much, other than the fact that it’s just so freaking cool. I picture myself wearing this so many ways, from jeans, a dressy top and heels to my favorite Levi’s and sneaks—this bag can definitely do it all. Not to mention, this bag is relatively functional, as it can be hand carried or worn using the removable shoulder strap, which I just love. This bag is the medium size, so it’s just right and fits pretty much everything you would need for the day, plus some extras. I was able to fit in my wallet, sunglasses, a small cosmetics case, both my work phone and my personal phone, and even my digital camera when the bag was organized just right.

I love that this bag has an interior flap closure, so it’s not totally open on top, meaning your stuff isn’t overly exposed. However, the flap is very easy to open and get in and out of on the move. Inside, the Lady Dior bag has one interior zip pocket, as well as a slit pocket. Overall dimensions of The Dior Medium Lady Dior Bag are 8″H x 9″ W x 4″D, and this matte black on black version retails for $5,900. It’s available mid-May via Dior Boutiques.

Next up on my love list from the Dior Pre-Fall 2018 collection is The J’ADIOR Flap Bag. Once again, this bag proves to be as edgy and super-chic in person as it looks on a screen. The matte black J’ADIOR logo is in-your-face without really being overtly flashy, and I absolutely adore that. If you’re a logo girl, this is probably the coolest way to do one.

The bag is your pretty standard flap bag, and it’s fairly comparable in size to most flap bags we’ve written about lately, but it also does expand to fit more than you might think. (See below for what fits!) When you open the flap bag there is a middle compartment, which has two slit pockets on the front and one larger pocket with a flap closure. There is a also a separate smaller slit compartment on the front interior of the bag, which is great for storing items you reach for on the go, like your cell phone or train tickets. The bag is fairly easy to get in and out of when you’re out and about, however it also closes securely thanks to the magnetic flap. The chain strap acts strictly as a shoulder strap, and though it can be worn singled or doubled, it’s a bit too short to be worn cross-body, though Dior’s website does state that it can be worn as such. Overall dimensions of The J’ADIOR Flap Bag are 5″H x 7″W x 2″D, and this matte black on black version retails for $3,600, available mid-May via Dior Boutiques.