CC 67: The Louis Vuitton Lover Who Got Her Mom Into Designer Bags

“I acquire the bags with the mindset that I will retain them forever”

Incredibly usually in our Closet Confessionals series we study about bag lovers who have inherited their enjoy of luxury from a mother or grandmother, but in today’s CC it is the other way about. We’re introducing you to a bag lover whose mom got into designer bags when her daughter did. Now the two share a enjoy of Louis Vuitton and a lot more, usually sending hyperlinks to every single other or bonding in the course of buying trips. They even have a couple of matching bags and our confessor hopes that one particular day she’ll be capable to pass her purchases on, as when she buys a bag her mindset is to hold on to it forever versus acquiring it as an investment. Even though this confessor is not afraid to treat herself and is intelligent with how she shops, she’s not also shy to admit that her parents will treat her to bags now and then. All round although this confessor loves and appreciates the finer issues in life, she believes in getting sort towards other individuals and undertaking what tends to make you delighted. Study the complete confessional beneath and be positive to submit your personal!

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The Fundamentals

Age: 31
Gender Identity: Female
Place: Denver, CO
Occupation: Computer software Sales
Market: Healthcare
Salary: $90,000
Household Earnings: $120,000

The Bags

Are you a PurseForum member? Yes

How quite a few bags do you personal? 18

What bags are in your collection?

Louis Vuitton
Alma BNB
Palm Springs Mini
Graceful DE MM
Neverfull MM Catagram
Neverfull GM DA
OnTheGo Escale Rouge
Keepall 55

Crucial pouch DA
Kiragami Monogram
Pallas compact wallet noir
My Planet Tour- passport cover

Dionysus GG Supreme mini bag in taupe
Rajah Substantial Leather Tote White
Marmot GG Mini Leather Bucket Red

Major Bag Modest in Sand
Phantom medium in canvas
Nano Luggage in tweed/leather

Chanel Classic Flap Modest Black Caviar SHW

Saint Laurent Classic Monogram Belt Bag Embellished Leather GHW

Mulberry x Cara Delevingne Backpack (now bayswater backpack) in oxblood

Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Black/gold

Marc Jacobs Single Baroque in nude lambskin

How a lot is your collection worth? I would estimate retail worth to be north of $30,000

What is your most costly bag? My Chanel, I’m positive! I just discovered the receipt the other day. It was bought about 7 or eight years ago. I’m astounded at how a lot the price tag has gone up for the identical bag more than the final couple of years.

What are the most critical brands or pieces in your collection? Louis Vuitton will normally be one particular of my faves, it was the initial brand that I started routinely acquiring luxury bags from. Gucci is critical to me mainly because it is so quick to put on and I also personal quite a few footwear by the brand. Individually, I enjoy every single of my bags – I will devote numerous weeks, or months in some circumstances, evaluating my subsequent obtain and normally every single obtain represents an critical milestone or accomplishment.

What age did you get your initial designer bag, and what was it? When I was a pre-teen I had very a couple of Coach and Dooney &amp Bourke bags. I honestly do not don’t forget the designs any longer, I’ve sold these more than the years.
My initial true designer bag was the Chanel Classic Flap which was a college graduation present. It was very challenging to track down at the time. I had visited a Nordstrom Chanel boutique that didn’t have any stock of the bag, a boutique in Honolulu whilst on household trip and they didn’t have in stock, ultimately – discovered the bag whilst going to Toronto and was ecstatic when they brought her out!

Is there a precise bag you are searching to obtain subsequent? My wishlist is normally developing and changing… I enjoy to study, take a look at TPF, stalk on-line shops…

Chanel WOC in beige or Chanel WOC trendy (will for positive get quickly as soon as shops open up ideally in a light neutral)

Goyard St Louis (would like to see in individual in my travels to completely choose)

Saint Laurent Medium LouLou (the latte is gorgeous)

LV Pochette Accessoires (I’m normally searching for this)

Dior- would enjoy a book tote but I have so quite a few totes. I also enjoy the saddle revival 🙈

Loewe basket bag

Chanel 19 in light pink, but do not assume I could pull the trigger with the price tag

Chloe Tess intrigues me but with Chloe I get a quick obsession and then it ends. I’ve under no circumstances been in enjoy adequate to make the obtain.

Any specific bag that holds a particular sentimental worth? I suppose I’m sentimental about all of them. I acquire the bags with the mindset that I will retain them forever and pass them down if there’s an chance to my future youngster. I definitely enjoy bags that I obtain with my mom. We have such a enjoyable time buying collectively and generating memories.

Do you really feel like your bags modify people’s perceptions of you or how you are treated? Yes, while the scenario varies. Often I am met with some judgement (or is it jealousy?) when speaking with strangers who really feel the have to have to comment on the bag or ask concerns. I’ve had coworkers make comments each optimistic and unfavorable about my bags. If an individual does not treat me with respect I definitely will not engage nor give them the time of day. My complete life I have been pegged as “spoiled wealthy girl” and there’s no truth to that – I operate challenging and have been privileged, but I’m a good individual. Men and women who know me effectively know that I enjoy bags/luxury things and I put on these things for my personal pleasure.

The Buying

How usually do you acquire new bags? As well usually, in all probability! I employed to acquire one particular new bag a year, but more than the final two-three years I’ve purchased three-five bags every single year. This year I have only bought one particular bag! I also assume this year will be a quite light year for new acquisitions mainly because of COVID – when I get a new bag I want to be capable to go out on the town and flaunt it! Clearly I haven’t had that chance in the course of quarantine so when issues reopen I strategy to “shop my closet”.

Which shops do you frequent the most? On the net: the designer internet websites themselves, 24 Sevres, Nordstrom

I do not definitely shop bags in individual unless I’m traveling. The boutiques close to me are a hassle to get to and I favor to stalk issues on-line anyway. When I am in retailer I’m pretty direct and want to see every thing that I’ve been eyeing on my wishlist.

Do you ever acquire second-hand bags? Exactly where do you acquire employed? I have! I’ve employed each Fashionphile and the RealReal one particular time every single. Handbags are the only sort of things I would contemplate buying second-hand and only if it was anything I couldn’t receive new otherwise.

Do you sell old bags to spend for new purchases? Sort of… I did sell old bags (Coach, D&ampB, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and a Burberry) but the primary cause was to declutter my closet not definitely to make way for a new obtain. Of course it is good to make a small income off of anything I’m not utilizing any longer. I’ve sold on Poshmark and Ebay and to the RealReal as soon as. I sell a lot of clothes by means of Poshmark as effectively even to this day.

Do you ever really feel societal stress to obtain a lot more bags? Hmm, I do comply with trends but that does not make me really feel pressured to acquire a lot more bags. I hate when blogging/Instagram influencers all abruptly start off carrying a specific bag- that is a huge signal to me that I do not want that and I will strike it off my list. I like to be one of a kind (while I do have some common bags). I acquire when I want to treat myself or to celebrate, anytime that time happens.

Do you contemplate your bag purchases investments? Not in the sense that I strategy to acquire income by promoting them later. But as an investment to my private style, then definitely yes! I also assume about how a lot joy and put on I get out of any item- the a lot more I enjoy it and use it then that is income effectively spent.

Who influences your acquiring choices? Me! I am a habitual browser – I scroll by means of internet websites to see what’s new various instances by means of the week and I enjoy reading right here on PurseBlog for the content material and discovering new issues. When I have my eye on anything then I start off checking out celeb Instagrams to see styling tips. There are a couple of excellent influences that I admire collections of as effectively but I attempt to normally assume of how I will put on and style a bag in my personal life and not stylized and “curated”.

Are sales associate relationships instrumental to your buying? No, having said that I do enjoy a very good sales rep but due to the fact I seldom shop in retailer I do not get to rely on them also a lot. If an individual assists me in retailer although I will hang on to their get in touch with information and facts forever and attain out when I have to have assist tracking anything down. It is excellent to have a reside point of get in touch with also for repairs or client service motives. I have had great experiences with sales reps who have taken the time to listen to what I have to have (like buying for a wallet and selecting anything out that I haven’t observed prior to) or particular ordering issues that are out of stock.
I have discovered to rely on my personal study for buying – there’s practically nothing worse than going in to a retailer only to understand you know a lot more about the goods than the individual who assisting you is. There are poor sales associates that generally supply no worth to the buying practical experience.

Why do you take pleasure in buying, beyond just acquiring anything new? I enjoy the craftsmanship of designer things and honestly, admiring issues for that is a thrill for me. It is also a enjoyable time when I go buying with my loved ones (husband, parents, and so on) mainly because we are relaxed and carefree just checking issues out irrespective of whether in individual or on-line (sending hyperlinks).

Have you ever felt like you received inferior service at a retailer or boutique due to your look, ethnicity or gender? No. I assume I have been ignored but not purposely – in all probability due to the shops getting busy or anything. If no one particular greets me when I enter the retailer that is quite annoying but if I have to have help I will just ask an individual for assist and wait my turn.

The Income

Who pays for your bags? Me and my parents. I really feel I will get flamed for this, but my parents have bought numerous bags for me as gifts. It tends to make them delighted to give gifts to my husband and me, so who am I to quit them? My mom didn’t definitely get in to designer bags till I did (more than the final decade) and now she’s like “what I get, you get!”. It is so enjoyable and we have numerous matching bags and like to talk about our buying lists collectively.

Do you set aside a price range for your bag purchases? No, but due to the fact bags are higher dollar purchases I do talk about with my husband (we completely share finances) prior to finalizing a obtain. In my commission for my job, my month-to-month revenue varies, but if I close a significant sale (or want to celebrate) I’ll say anything like, “that’s a new bag for mama!”
More than the years, each my husband and I have ebbed and flowed in our incomes- we’ve moved a lot to pursue operate and grad applications, some years he’s produced a lot more than me and vice versa. We have budgeted strictly in the previous and have worked pretty challenging to get to exactly where we are now.

The Taboo Subjects

Have you ever bought a counterfeit mainly because you couldn’t afford a designer item? When I was like, 11, my household took a trip to NYC. I begged my parents for a multi-colour Louis Vuitton and we snapped up a fake one particular on Canal Street (poor!! I know!!). I assume this could have been influenced from Sex and the City. I was young, we didn’t know something about designer buying at the time, and I would under no circumstances do it once more.

Do you ever hide purchases from your substantial other? No, but if my parents acquire me a bag as a present my husband may well groan a small about how they “shouldn’t be buying” all these issues. When we talk about a significant upcoming obtain, he normally verbalizes that I do not have to have an additional bag but as soon as it arrives he appreciates it. I do know some of my bags could finance a trip for the two of us to take pleasure in so it is critical to contemplate purchases to make positive I only get what I genuinely Really like.

What’s the craziest factor you have performed to afford a bag? Haven’t performed something also crazy but in my younger years surely asked my parents to acquire me a bag when I wasn’t generating a lot income.

Do you assume your buying is ever a trouble? Have you ever felt like you had been struggling with a buying addiction? I do not assume it is a trouble but I do devote a lot of time browsing bags in my no cost time. I assume I’ve produced errors prior to I was married mainly because I was young and merely acquiring what ever I felt like without the need of pondering about my future finances. But now, I have the implies to afford something I want to acquire (inside cause) and I assume of the extended term enjoyment I will have from my bag collection.

The Rest Of It

Any other costly hobbies or passions? Yes… Absolutely a fan of designer footwear. I enjoy jewelry and have been creating a tiny Cartier stack of bracelets and buying diamond jewelry. I also like to make investments in stocks/markets – this is anything my husband and I have enjoyable undertaking collectively.

Something else you would like to consist of?

Be sort to other individuals. No matter what.
I assume the old adage of you get what you spend for is accurate. I assume any individual, no matter their economic status ought to acquire issues that are good quality but above all else – acquire what tends to make them delighted.
Do not acquire anything just mainly because an individual else has it, go with what tends to make your heart sing.
Do not ask an individual the price tag of what they are wearing – it is rude and uncouth – appear it up if you ought to.
Also, child your bags – be sort to them so they appear like-new for years to come.