Are You Over Color-Blocked Bags?

Once a must have statement maker, color-blocking seems to be a thing of the past

Most major trends lack true staying power, and though there are many reasons why that’s the case, the fast fashion industry is largely to blame. Additionally social media is a key factor in the lifespan of a trend now more than ever, as our attention spans have become shorter and shorter and folks are always looking for the next best thing. Last week’s velour bags are this week’s rafia and suddenly it’s all about color over neutrals. By the time things reach stores, customers have already been seeing a trend on their feeds for months, making the want for a particular trend even shorter. That’s why when a trend is able to stick around for more than a few seasons, it’s one worth noting.

One notable trend that was a consistent player in the handbag world for seasons throughout the last decade was color-blocking. There were jackets and pants, wallets and shoes, of course there were also color-blocked handbags galore. And even when it seemed that many people were moving past the bold, eye-catching trend, it remained. We got used to seeing bags in mixed shades, and color-blocking moved from the bold and bright towards the more subtle mixing of neutrals.

Mixing neutrals was a much more functional play on the often glaring pairings of yellows/blues, red/purples and everything else in between. A neutral bag has a much longer lifespan than a non-neutral one, and neutrals, even light ones, aren’t bound to a particular fashion season, making them a perfect choice for year round wear. Additionally, a neutral is more likely to remain a staple in your closet, which is why color-blocking has remained, particularly when it involves a neutral color. But now, years later, it seems that bold, monochromatic bags are the it-trend of the season, meaning color blocking might finally be on its way out.

Though I was never a big proponent of the trend I did appreciate certain designer’s use of the practice, particularly the more neutral versions of Celine’s Luggage Tote. Now I think the trend is far beyond it’s peak and I’m ready to see it go in favor of this season’s latest must-haves. Are You Over Color-Blocked Bags?