10 Things Every Nurse Should Know About

Every beginning is hard. It sucks to be that new girl/guy at work, but if you want to be successful in what you do, you should know a few crucial things. Here is the list of the ten most important things you must know as a nurse.

1. Patients Are Your Priority Number One

Patient care is everything in healthcare. The moment you step in the hospital, you should put all your problems and thoughts behind and dedicate yourself to your patients 100%. Until your shift is done, you are nothing more than a nurse. This might sound harsh, but remember, you are taking care of sick people, and their lives are in your hands, so you must be focused entirely or won’t be able to do your job correctly. Your memory game must be on point!

2. Take Care of Yourself as Well

The second most important thing is to take care of yourself. Being a nurse is a lovely but exhausting and risky job. Yes, you dedicated your life to caring and saving others, but sometimes you have to press the stop button and take a break.

Yes, you are a modern-day superhero, but superheroes need rest too. They need to laugh, sleep, eat, and drink. They need energy, as well. How many times did you end up your shift hungry and thirsty? That is a big no-no. That is why you should learn how to take care of yourself on the job. 

Lack of sleep can be very dangerous, so make sure you take a quick nap if you have some spare time. Prepare healthy energizing meals at home to-go and make sure you stay hydrated with the help of our 64Hydro water tracker bottle

Remember, you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself. 

Feeling It’s Hard To #StayHydrated?

As nurses, we know staying hydrated plays a key role in our overall health and well-being. “Water is essential for key bodily functions. 

When you’re dehydrated, it’s like having a car with no gas. If you don’t have water, you’re not going to go anywhere!” says Nurse Alice Benjamin, a Cardiac Clinical Nurse Specialist with twenty years of nursing experience.

Finding ways to stay hydrated at work is one of the most important things you can do for yourself while on the job.

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3. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions or to Ask For the Help

First of all, you can’t know everything, no matter how long you work in the nursing field. So when you are clueless, or you have doubts, reach out for some help. You are only human, and you are allowed to make mistakes, of course, but some may be fatal since you are working with human lives. Instead of working on your own, always make sure you get advice from someone more experienced.

Also, you can’t do everything at once when you are only one person; if you are stuck and overwhelmed, ask for help. If no one is available at that time, then prioritize and take care of critical patients first, and wait until someone is available to help you out with the rest.

4. Own Your Mistakes, and Learn from Them

As I said, you are only human, and mistakes can happen to anyone no matter how experienced they are. You will make mistakes, be sure, that’s only natural. The essential thing is to learn to embrace them and learn from them. Learning from them is the only way to grow as a healthcare professional.

Study them thoroughly; once you realize what you did wrong, you will be able to prevent them from happening the next time. 

5. Your Shift May Sound Different on Paper and in Real Life

Sometimes your schedule will look totally manageable until it starts. Let’s say, for example, you get three shifts with twelve working hours day after day, and in your mind, that sounds doable. But the point is that your job is still not done when the clock sounds the twelfth hour. 

You just can’t walk away just like that. You need to exchange patient information and update your colleagues; you might reach out as a helping hand to someone who just started the shift, etc. Those days can easily turn to 15 hours shift, but you must accept that. 

Also, it would be best if you always were prepared for the unexpected call on your day off when your crew is understaffed. 

6. Invest in Comfortable Shoes

Remember, nurses are on their feets all day long, literally! That is why you need to invest in a great pair of sneakers or custom made nursing shoes. Long hauls are your new normal, and you should expect more than a few extra hours as well as some unexpected shifts. Your feet must stay protected and comfortable at all costs. You must be able to move freely, and quickly that is why you should not take shoes for granted.

7. Learn How to Multitask

Multitasking is a great feature to have, not only if you are a nurse, but in life as well since you will also always highly benefit from it. Nursing is not a routine; you should not expect to come to work and do the same tasks all through your shift until it is time to go home.

Some days you will have a hectic schedule, and you will need to do four different things all at once, and you just clocked-in. Learn how to multitask and not lose focus since this way you will prevent burning out in the middle of your shift. 

8. Always Take Notes

One of the most important things is always to have a pen and paper at your exposal. Taking notes is crucial since you will need to remember certain things that a doctor or patient said. None can remember all at once, so don’t be afraid to take notes all the time. Better safe than sorry, right?

As a nurse, you will continuously be learning on the job. Also, if you are more up to date, you can use a tablet or phone. Do it the way you prefer, but just remember to write all down because that is the only way to make your job easier.

9. Don’t Take Out Your Anger and Frustration on Your Patients

Even if you’re having a toxic day at work, Some days are just too hard on you; you must take care of the most frustrating patients, and you will work with some of the most unsupportive and annoying people you have ever met. I get it. 

But no matter how toxic your day is, you will have to learn to take a moment and compose yourself. Take a break, have a glass of water, and take a deep breath. Don’t let anyone ruin your day; remember you love your work, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Never, ever, take out your frustration on your patients.

10. Witnessing Patient Suffering will Never Get Easier

You will attach to your patients like it or not. Watching them suffer will sometimes tear you apart, especially if your patient is a little one. Nursing is not for everyone; that is a fact. You may be resistant to seeing blood, injuries, or even worse, but watching them experience all kinds of pains and discomforts will get you sooner or later. 

That is why you should consider your specialty very carefully. Please give it some thought and keep in mind that some nurses will deal with more severe health issues on their work.

At The End of The Day

Nursing is hard, yet nursing is wonderful. Remember, you are helping people out, so is there anything nobler than that? Learn to not be so hard on yourself and to enjoy your work environment and your colleagues since they are your home away from home.